Hilton Head Shark Fishing

Have you ever watched the Discovery Channel show, "Shark Week"? Have you thought about what it would be like to come face to face with nature's apex predator? Our Monster Shark fishing charter is unequivocally one of the most exciting ways to meet the king of the sea. As odd as it may seem, I'm a firm believer that shark fishing off of Hilton Head is the best in the world. Not only is our state record Tiger shark 1,780lbs, it's also the world record. Almost every species of sharks in the Atlantic Ocean is swimming within minutes of the dock. Bulls, Blacktips, Hammerheads, Lemons, and the infamous Monster Tiger sharks are all commonly caught. Until you witness it yourself, I can't explain the feeling of seeing a 12ft Hammerhead on the side of the boat. It's truly a memorable experience!

The sheer size of these sharks is incredible. Some of the Tigers get well over 1,000lbs and 14ft long, but most are between 250-500lbs, which is 8-11ft. We average about 3-5 per year over 1,000lbs, and it seems that once every 4 or 5 years we get something absolutely ridiculous. The Hammerheads are the toughest fighting fish in the sea. They don't have the massive weight like the Tiger, but they're quick and have erratic runs, often changing directions and cruising on the surface during the battle. The Bull sharks aren't as prevalent in the area as other species, but pound for pound they're one of the best. Scientists say Bull sharks have more testosterone than any other animal on the planet. Blacktip sharks are a local favorite. They're smaller, most weighing in under 100lbs and very acrobatic, jumping when initially hooked. Blacktips are also edible, and great on the grill. The Lemon shark is the species we see the most. They average 200-300lbs, which is 7-9ft long. Lemon sharks dont have lightning fast runs like the Hammerheads, Tigers, or Blacktips, but they are definitely the meanest when boatside. Take a look at the side of my boat prior to departure and you'll notice all the bite marks. We also have many smaller species of sharks for young anglers. Bonnetheads, Sharpnose, Blacknose, Finetooth, and small Blacktips are perfect for the kids.

Shark fishing can be done anytime of the day. A common misconception around Hilton Head is that shark fishing must be done at sunset or at night. I actually prefer mornings over any other time. If you put a bloody carcass out in one of my shark holes, the shark is going to eat it whether the sun is up or down. The rising or falling tides seem to have the most importance. Some areas are excellent on an incoming tide in June, whereas another spot is hot on an outgoing tide in September. Being on the water everyday has been instrumental in figuring out the patterns and feeding habits of these giants.

Depending on the weather, the big sharks usually show up around the first week of April. The Tiger sharks are normally the first on the scene, followed by the Bulls, Blacktips, Lemons, and the rest of the species as the water warms. They usually start thinning out and head offshore in October and are completely gone by mid-November.

In 2009, my customers from Tennessee broke one of the most sought after state records, the Blacktip Shark. It weighed in at 163lbs, demolishing the old record of 133lbs from 1968. I later found out that it was the largest Blacktip ever to be caught on the East Coast. In the following year my luck continued. A dentist from Illinois fished two consecutive days with me and broke the Lemon shark state record at 380lbs. Next on my list are the Tiger and Hammerhead records, which are both attainable.

A shark fishing charter may also be one of the most rewarding fishing charters available. The catch ratio is much greater than all of Hilton Head's other famous sport fish species. Sharks are capable of putting any angler to task as these fish are big, mean, powerful, unpredictable and most of all EXCITING!

As a biologist from Shark Week once told me, "You're sitting on a gold mine. You can't go anywhere in the world and catch monster sharks like this, over and over, within eyesight of shore".

If you love extremes and fighting big game sport fish is on your agenda, Hilton Head Shark Fishing is just for you. Hook one adult Tiger or Hammerhead, and you'll quickly find out why shark fishing is so addictive.

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