Hilton Head Red Fishing

Redfish, also know as red drum, spottail bass or reds, are one of South Carolina's most popular sport fish and the state's most widespread estuarine fish.

The Port Royal Sound and Broad River, is home to an enormous population of Redfish. Juvenile Red's inhabit tidal creeks, marsh grass and shallow waterways for up to four years, after which they usually move to Port Royal Sound and open ocean as adults

October is unquestionably the best time to target these fish. Tremendous schools of the adult, 20-40lb, Redfish come into our inshore waters to spawn and feed throughout the entire month. By the 3rd week of November, the majority of these fish move out and typically hold around 5-8 miles offshore. They can be targeted through the entire winter and into early Spring.

What amazes me is the sheer size of these fish. Legally, you can harvest 3 per person per day and they must be between 15 and 23 inches long.  Surprisingly, the adult Redfish that we see are 37 to 44 inches long!  Occasionally, we do catch one of the legal sized fish that can be kept for the grill, but the majority are some of the largest ever seen on the East coast.

The tackle we use is probably a little heavier than needed. We're using Shimano TLD25's with 40lb test mono. The idea is to hook, land and get the fish back into the water without wearing them down in a long drawn out battle. The longer the fight, the more difficult it is for the Redfish to recover.  Scientists estimate that adult Redfish are approximately 30 years old, so a little extra care is taken for the older fish. Another bonus to using heavier tackle for these Redfish are Tarpon. Right in the midst of a Redfish feeding frenzy, its not uncommon to hook a giant Tarpon. This past season, my largest Tarpon was caught October 18th, while we had two adult Reds on the line. I cant emphasize enough on how fascinating this fishery is.

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