Hilton Head Barracuda Fishing

Barracuda are one of my favorite fish to target. During my first season as a guide, we have one take the bait near the transom and jump completely over the back of the boat easily clearing all of us! They hit hard and hit quick. Fishing for Barracuda is without a doubt one of the under sung heros offshore of Hilton Head. Speed bursts to nearly 40mph, add that with an incredible leaping ability makes it a definite way to get the adrenaline cranked up.

Capable of reaching top speed in just two body lengths these fish can offer bone crushing blows to unsuspecting prey. The hit is explosive and the result is sure disaster for his target. I've lost count on how many times a customer has been reeling in a Mahi, Kingfish or Spanish Mackerel only to have it destroyed by a Barracuda just under the boat.

Fishing for Barracuda in Hilton Head isnt very strategic. They absolutely love cuda tubes which we cast on a light spinning rod. A cuda tube is a bright orange (or yellow) surgical rubber tube with a trailer hook that has a erratic movement in the water as its jigged across the surface. When I was first introduced to this lure, I thought I'd been had. It looks nothing like a fish or any sea creature. Some say it mimics a wounded needle fish, but I dont see it. One thing I'm positive about, they love it!

Barracuda is not one of the more favored edible species in our area. The larger ones are known to carry a toxin called "Ciguatera". This poison is odorless, tasteless and very heat-resistant, so any contaminated fileted fish cannot be detoxified by cooking. I have seen other captains filet this fish for customers, but I just dont think its worth the risk. Its an excellent sport fish and possibly my favorite to target, but I would never eat one.

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