Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can your boat hold? Can we split the charter with another group?

Whether you're fishing or watching, the maximum number on the boat is 5. I just take private groups.

Is there a mate, do we tip you?

I don't bring anyone, I'm it. With gas prices getting out of control and the price of tackle on the rise, any gratuity is greatly appreciated, but not expected.

I'm looking to have a fish stuffed/mounted. Is this something you can do or recommend?

It's my goal to make sure that dream happens and we'll go above and beyond for you to get that certain fish you would like on the wall. I'm a rep for the largest taxidermist in the world. As soon as we get back to the dock, we can fill out the forms necessary to get the ball rolling that afternoon. Return time is less than 3 months.

What about the seas/weather, isn't it supposed to rain?

Well, if it's rough or nasty out, I don't want to go either. Hopefully I can find another date open and reschedule. As much as I love fishing, it's not worth making someone miserable. In the warmer months, the forecast will call for 30-40 percent chance of rain everyday and it rarely rains. So don't let the weather man deter your vacation.

What should we bring?

Anything you want to eat or drink, sunblock, polarized sunglasses, a camera, and maybe a hat. The boat will have ice, tackle, licenses and a large cooler. Alcohol is allowed, but please don't drink to get sloshed.

How do we pay?

Cash or check. No credit card machine is available.

We're staying on the opposite end of Hilton Head from where you're located, is this too far of a drive?

Absolutely not. The Island is only 12 miles long, so wherever you're located your drive will be short.

What should we NOT bring?

Bring plenty of sunblock, but please refrain from the spray-on sunblock. It has a chemical reaction with the seats and deck. No huge coolers, or coolers with wheels, you're not moving in.

Does your boat have a head (bathroom)?

No bathroom. The guys are more than welcome to let it fly off the side, but as for the ladies, I have a bucket and a private section called 'the bow'.

How safe is it?

My Glacier Bay is one of the top built boats in the world. It's equipped with an Emergency Positioning Beacon, VHF radio, and a perfect record when it comes to safety. I've never had a problem arise at sea or at the dock. The Outcast is highly maintained.

Should we take dramamine?

I'm not a fan. The side effects are worse than the symptoms of seasickness, causing severe drowsiness. I took the pill out of curiosity; it made me so tired and nauseous that I didn't want to fish. If you must rely on something, the wristband or sticker seem to be somewhat effective. If you're concerned, here are a few tips. A) Eat a healthy meal the morning of and the evening before and stay away from greasy or fast food. B) Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum or non-existent the evening prior. Just a couple of drinks will have a slight effect on your equilibrium for 24 hours. If you're still worried, go with the 4 hour charter and keep me aware of your concerns. If you begin to show symptoms or become sick, we can always move to calmer inshore waters.

What are the chances of not catching anything?

If it swims, we catch it! The chances of getting "skunked" are extremely remote, and when I say extremely, I mean it. During my first few seasons as a guide, I used to guarantee an 8 foot shark on all my shark charters or it was free. For three years, we didn't have one case where a refund was needed. I discontinued the guarantee only because I was finding myself too nervous waiting for that monster to swim by on slower days.

What do we do with the massive sharks we catch? Can we bring them in?

The Hammerheads, Tigers, Lemons, Bulls and Great Whites will all be released. If they're under 100lbs, ill be happy to hand them to you for a picture. The larger ones will remain in the water.

What do you recommend for a 10 year old that's never been?

The 4 hour charter would suit them best. It's a short trip to the fishing grounds and the water is calm.

Can you clean or filet our catch?

Definitely, it's included in the price.

Will we see any dolphin?

Our area is full of all sorts of marine creatures, including the bottlenose dolphin. If you're interested, be sure to let me know and we'll stop and greet a few on the way back. Sunset dolphin cruises are also available all year round.

Can we drink alcohol on the boat?

Yes, you can have a couple of beers. This fishing excursion is not a booze fest. The moment you begin slurring your words and telling me how much you love your wife, the charter is over. Your safety is my main priority.

Can we smoke?

Yes, but I beg you, please keep all ashes off the floor and be aware of where you dispose of the cigarettes. I hold 180 gallons of fuel and the boat is made of fiberglass.

Is catching bait part of the process when we depart from the dock?

This depends on the time of the year. Unfortunately, the bait that we use (menhaden) won't stay alive overnight, so fresh bait is imperative, but not a deal breaker. If its available, we'll stop and throw the cast net. If its not present, I always bring frozen bait as a back up plan.

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