Hilton Head Fishing begins on the OUTCAST, where state records are broken!

Hilton Head Shark Fishing second to none

*Current State Record Holder for Blacktip Shark - 163.9 lbs

*Current State Record Holder for Lemon Shark - 380.0 lbs

Imagine...Clear blue sky, the sun on your back, a solid strike, fish on! The fighting belt is locked in, line screaming out like a freight train, fish sounds, and now sprints to the surface for a huge leap. The crew yells in excitement, pictures are snapping as the boat spins around to give chase. It's a beast, it's the biggest fish you've ever laid eyes on! You aren't halfway around the world, you're in Hilton Head. You might not remember the great restaurants you dined in while on vacation, you may not clearly remember the golf course you played on. But you will remember that giant 6ft tarpon going ballistic for an hour. You will remember that 400lb Hammerhead shark that your son is still ecstatic about. Making it a memorable experience is what keeps people coming back to the OUTCAST. Whether you're a novice seeking a fun day with your family or a serious angler looking for that trophy fish, we offer a variety of charters to fill your needs. Now lets go catch that story of a lifetime! Lets do some Hilton Head Fishing!

Making Sure our Hilton Head Charter Fishing Boats are The Highlight Of Your Vacation!

Why Outcast?

To keep it simple; Captain Chip loves what he does. His commitment to provide memorable and exciting sport fishing action with a laid back attitude is what lead's Capt. Chip to have one of the highest repeat businesses in the area. Your skill level does not impact the ability to catch fish. In fact, its a benefit....we want you to learn and be a part of the action. With numerous tournament wins and being the only boat to hold TWO state records, we're confident you'll be making memories of a lifetime before lunch.

Hilton Head Charter Fishing

Whether it be line sizzling Kingfish on light tackle, the boastful jumping Tarpon in our inshore waters or massive back breaking Tiger sharks on heavy tackle, there's always something biting! Drop us a line and see whats hot and in season in Hilton Head fishing

Capt Chip making News:

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Hilton Head Island & Outcast Sport Fishing Quick Facts

The Blacktip Shark state record is recognized as the largest one ever caught on the East Coast.

The Lemon Shark state record (380.0lbs) was just 24lbs shy of the world record and had a total of 17 sting ray barbs lodged in its jaw!

Nearly one third of the Tiger Sharks caught in the summer months have been captured by the Outcast years prior.

In 2015, the Outcast landed the first adult great white shark on rod and reel since Frank Mundus in 1986.

The largest Tiger Shark in recent years, 1,400lb giant named "Chessie", has been caught twice in back to back summers.

Recent catches on the Outcast has put Capt. Chip on CNN, ABC World News, Fox News, The Outdoor Channel, Good Morning America, Yahoo, People Magazine, Saltwater Sportsman and The Today Show.

Fish that are high in mercury and should not be eaten regularly are; a) large king mackerel over 30lbs. b) Bull Redfish. c) sharks. d) swordfish

The healthiest fish to eat is the mahi-mahi, which is also the fastest growing. The majority of the mahi off S.C. are located more than 30 miles offshore. An 8 or 10 hour charter is required to target these fish.

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Outcast Videos of Hilton Head Fishing

Must See Video

Must See Video MUST SEE Underwater and Drone video of what we've been doing lately.

Large Great White

Must See Video One of our larger Great Whites caught this year!

Feeding Jacks Barracuda

Monster Tiger Shark! Feeding a school of jacks and barracuda offshore.

Monster Great White

Underwater Tiger Shark Great white shark that we named HUNTER, that you can track on an app called Sharktivity.

Tarpon & Redfish

Underwater Tiger Shark Tarpon and Redfish are BIG in the late summer and fall

Tiger Shark!

Big Hammerhead Shark! Big Tiger shark with the Jones family.

Tagging Great White

Must See Video Raw vid of tagging a great white shark in the dark.

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